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Stock Watcher brings real-time stock prices and your shares performance statistics to your Android device.

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The new version of Stock Watcher App brings a lot of improvement from previous version.

Modern UI

Simple yet sophisticated UI are implemented to navigate more easily and to let you get information as needed.


We carefully develop the app to make sure you get the powerfull app yet user friendly and resource efficient


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Real-time stock update

Monitor the stock price updates in real-time* as well as the price change and ask-bid prices.

Financial news

Aggregate company news from different sources.

Twitter status updates

Search twitter updates related to the company profile and news.


Three widgets are available: Stock, Portfolio, and Shares widget.

Market movers

Highlight which stocks perform best/worst in the markets.

Technical analysis chart

Rich technical analysis chart that you can customize with many technical indicators such as EMA Bollinger Bands, Parabolic SAR, etc.

Shares management

Real-time* update on your shares performance including the day gain/loss update and total portfolio return.

Shares performance statistics

Quick charts to help analyzing your shares performance.

Alert Center

Provide notification that you can setup when the stock prices/changes satisfy your criteria.


“Stock Watcher 2. This is a great App! It took me a long time to jump up from Stock Watcher, which I also found to be very useful, but I am now happy I did. I use it every day. And you recently fixed the little bug with my Tab 8.4. Thanks!!”

- Harold Wright

“Awesome app Great stock watching app. Provides market movers for all the indexes. Pretty close to real time update for a free app. Also has alerts which are very effective given the real time update feature.”

- Keshav Chumber

“Great job Dev I usually use Stockwatcher 1 because of its simplicity. But Stockwatcher 2 bring a new feature especially real data. Great job Dev :)”

- Tedi Setiadi

“I like the portfolio where you can view your favorite stocks. Also like the chart. I hope you can add custom sorting so i can put my fave stock as the top instead of alphabet sorting. Also sometimes in the past the app doesn't refresh properly. But lately haven't encounter this issue.”

- Klarinda G Widjanarko

“Yes this app is great. Yes this app helped me find great stocks to invest in. Yes it shows short interest, a big plus..”

- Rick Ibarra

“One of my most frequently used apps! I bet I look at this app at least twenty times a day! Great way to keep in touch with the movement of your shares.”

- Peter Evans









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